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  • Why today's buyers are smarter & have higher expectations and how to use that to your advantage

  • Why "neighborhood specialist" agents are stuck in the Stone Age of real estate

  • How to encourage buyers to submit offers without them a discount on your property

  • How caring for the buyer's emotions will actually put more money in your pocket

  • The Greatest Negotiation Hack of All Time: how to negotiate without negotiating

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"We sold it after the first open house!"

Byron and Susan used us to get their home sold for full market value in less than 2 weeks. They started by listing their home For Sale By Owner on Zillow and then interviewed 3 agents before deciding to let us go to work for them


"It definitely sold fast! I was impressed because people came like crazy!"

James and Linda tried selling their home with two realtors before hiring us. Both of those realtors were unsuccessful. However, when they put us to work, we were able to get 12 offers for their home and ultimately sold it for $20,000 more than the list price!


"This guy made [our home] disappear. "

Ben and his wife were tired of being landlords because they owned a rental property that gave them nothing but headaches and frustration. However, we made that headache disappear for 100% of their asking price without even putting the property on the market!

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